SIMMER at Root Divison

March 28 - April 19, 2018

Installation shot from  SIMMER  at Root Division. Pegan Brooke diptych on left.

Installation shot from SIMMER at Root Division. Pegan Brooke diptych on left.

New paintings were shown in SIMMER, a group exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco, curated by Samantha Reynolds. At the center of SIMMER are the spaces, forms, and narratives that emerge through durational process. The artwork exhibited in this exhibition encourages viewers to sit within the work, allowing materials and conclusions to unfold and reveal themselves over time.

Participating artists: Annie Albagli, Becca Barolli, Pegan Brooke, Brad Brown, Jodi Connelly, Keith Daly + Christabel Soto, Eden V. Evans, Hunter Franks, Anna Landa, Masako Miyazaki, Karla Navarro, Harriet Poznansky, Minji Sohn

Root Division
San Francisco

Pegan Brooke at Heather Gaudio Fine Art

April 20 - June 17, 2017


I was extremely thrilled to be a part of this beautifully curated exhibition at Heather Gaudio Fine Arts in New Canaan, CT. Please see the link below for images of work in the exhibition, mine and five other wonderful artists.

Pegan Brooke
Matters at Hand

Heather Gaudio Fine Art

This all-women exhibition explores an appreciation for the natural world, its beauty and ephemerality. Through the use of different mediums and a range of aesthetics, the artists share an attention to detail, an inherent curiosity and instinctual understanding of materiality. They are also keenly in tune with cultural narratives that remind us that we are all part of a universal continuum.

Turning to water and other natural environments for inspiration are the paintings by Pegan Brooke. Varying reflections of light and its fleeting essence are represented in patterned gradations of neutral to frosty and dark hues.   Brooke’s oils and added pigments are formed from pure elements of the earth, such as micas, pewter powders and iron oxides. The subtly shimmering surfaces slow us to a place where we can reconvene with our most basic contemplative, natural state of being. 
- Rachel Palacios of Heather Gaudio Fine Arts

Participating artists: Sarah Amos, Pegan Brooke, Beth Dary, Jessica Drenk, Valeria Nascimento, and Cheryl Ann Thomas   

Pegan Brooke at George Lawson Gallery

January 5, 2015


For exhibition 44 we are pleased to be showing in the front room a selection of recent paintings by Bay Area artist and San Francisco Art Institute instructor Pegan Brooke, her first with the gallery. In these works Brooke uses mica pigments with their characteristic shift in chroma depending on the angle of view, these mixed in oil and painted in rhythmic strokes up against an internal graphite line. The result is a diastole between containment and release, and another chapter added to the rich tome of painting's historical dialogue with drawing. Brooke's paintings have been exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum, SFMOMA, Oakland Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, DesMoines Museum and Art Center, Sao Paulo Biennial and the Monterey Museum of Art. She is the recipient of a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant, two Marin Arts Council Grants, an alternate award for the Prix de Rome, along with residencies at Millay Colony for the Arts in New York and the Pont Avon School. She lives and works in Bolinas, California.

Selected Paintings

George Lawson Gallery
San Francisco