SIMMER at Root Divison

March 28 - April 19, 2018

Installation shot from  SIMMER  at Root Division. Pegan Brooke diptych on left.

Installation shot from SIMMER at Root Division. Pegan Brooke diptych on left.

New paintings were shown in SIMMER, a group exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco, curated by Samantha Reynolds. At the center of SIMMER are the spaces, forms, and narratives that emerge through durational process. The artwork exhibited in this exhibition encourages viewers to sit within the work, allowing materials and conclusions to unfold and reveal themselves over time.

Participating artists: Annie Albagli, Becca Barolli, Pegan Brooke, Brad Brown, Jodi Connelly, Keith Daly + Christabel Soto, Eden V. Evans, Hunter Franks, Anna Landa, Masako Miyazaki, Karla Navarro, Harriet Poznansky, Minji Sohn

Root Division
San Francisco